Laravel Vs CodeIgniter: The Best PHP Framework

Laravel has a highly expressive and elegant syntax for web application development. It is designed to make development more enjoyable, as it eases out the commonly performed tasks such as routing, authentication and sessions. CodeIgniter is also a powerful PHP platform developed for coders who want an elegant and basic toolkit for creating web applications of any size.

Laravel - PHP framework

Why Use Laravel

Laravel is designed for the latest version of PHP, and it has many base development components like unit testing support and authentication built into it. This framework folds well with the blade templating engine to give comprehensive views. There are many reasons why you will want to use this PHP framework, starting with its RESTful APIs which are easy to build.

  • Laravel has templates with simple webpage layout with sections.
  • It has authorization library.
  • It has exceptions with highly detailed stack trace; something which is not present in CodeIgniter.
  • Laravel has bundles with solid structure; it has widgets with assets like CSS and JS.
  • It has Object Oriented Libraries supported with autocomplete feature. It is easier to use libraries and models due to this feature. this is not the case in CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter - PHP framework

Why Use CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a relatively older framework and supports earlier versions as well. it is a high performance framework with a small footprint. Here are the reasons why you will want to use this PHP development platform.

  • CodeIgniter has a large community who are using it for anything from the smallest projects to the largest ones.
  • It is well documented. In fact, CodeIgniter is the best documented PHP framework available at present.
  • CodeIgniter is highly stable and tested by hundreds of thousands of users. There is no way that you could find something unstable in a new version because the community will have already resolved it.
  • CI is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to be a master in MVC architecture. This makes it a perfect framework for new developers who don’t have advanced knowledge or experience.
  • The new version of CodeIgniter promises higher stability and well organized unit tests.

The eventual question is which PHP framework you will use. Both have their own set of advantages. In fact, it will be better to say that each one has its own advantages in different cases. For example, if you want to work in older environments then choose CodeIgniter. But if you need to develop modern apps, Laravel could be the better option.


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