What is Laravel

Laravel is an open source PHP web development platform. It is specifically designed for developing MVC web apps. Laravel is free and is currently considered as the most widely used PHP framework. There are many features that make it so popular.


Main Features of Laravel

Eloquent ORM – This is an advanced PHP implementation for the active record pattern. It provides inner methods to enforce control to the connections between database objects. Fluent is the query builder of Laravel and Eloquent supports it.

Application Logic – This is the part of developed apps – route declarations or through controllers. It uses a syntax for definitions. It is almost similar to the syntax used in Sinatra.

Database Seeding – It can be quite time consuming to manually “seed” database table with records for testing. Laravel lets you specify a seed file for your tables.

Reverse Routing – This refers to connecting links and routes. This allows you to make changes later on into the routes for automatic transmission to relevant links. Laravel will automatically create the right URIs. This happens when links are made using existing route names.

Community – One of the main reasons for Laravel’s popularity is that it has developed a vast and active community in a short period of time. The community includes some of the most prominent developers in the world of PHP.

Bundles – This is a modular packaging system with many bundled features. They can be easily added to apps.

Better Controllers – It can be a challenge to create a RESTful service in PHP. Laravel makes this simple, as it provides Restful Resources.

Migrations – This feature gives you access to version control for database schemas. This makes it possible to make changes in the app’s code base and the database layout. It becomes easier to deploy and update the applications.

Blade – This is a template engine in Laravel that gives you a cleaner syntax for views.

Unit Testing – There are many unit tests in Laravel. They are used for detecting and preventing regressions within the framework. It is possible to run unit tests using the command-line utility function.

Automatic Pagination – This feature makes it easier to implement pagination. You can replace the conventional manual implementation using automated methods.

View Composers – These are logical code units that get executed whenever a view gets loaded.

These are few of the main features that make Laravel so popular among the PHP development community. It makes web development easier, faster and more productive.