GitHub is a web-based code hosting service that boasts more than 15 million repositories, which makes it the largest Git repository in the world. It offers source code management and distributed revision control functions of Git and many other unique features. It has free accounts and paid plans, which could be used for hosting open source software projects. Currently, more than 3.4 million people use it, which further makes it the largest code host.

Today GitHub has become so important in the open-source development community that an account is fast becoming a must-have on the resume of a developer. Many employers may require the applicant to be an active contributor to be eligible for the job. It may be mostly used for code, but in some cases it could even be used for non-code based files such as Word or Final Cut documents.

Features of GitHub

GitHub is designed not only for programmers, but it could also be used by others who use computers. It has some powerful tools which are open for public projects and yet you could turn them into highly secure ones for your private projects. The STL file viewer based on Three.js and WebGl allows you to view 3D render files on 3D canvas. It is also possible to preview PSD files and compare with previous versions.

Others features of GitHub include documentation, wikis, nested task-lists, issue tracking, Gantt charts and visualizing geospatial data. It is also possible to host small sites from public repositories.

Flexible Issue Tracker – Flexible issue tracking helps you ensure security.

Code Review – GitHub enables collaborative code review. It is possible to create multiple commits for enabling conversation around any of the changes.

Easy Team Management – It is possible to give different levels of powers to team members. Developers could grant admin, read, or read-write level access to different members.

Syntax Highlighting – GitHub’s syntax highlighting supports more than 200 programming languages. The GitHub team is always exploring new ways for rendering formats such as CSV files, STL 3D models and GeoJSON maps.

One of the most important features of GitHub is that its native applications for PC make it simple to share code. It is possible to use them for cloning repositories, browsing history or creating branches on friendly devices. You can always keep track of your projects anywhere and anytime by accessing your projects on mobile devices.