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Free Bootstrap Block Menu

by | Aug 14, 2014 | 2 comments

Bootstrap Block Menu

If you want a creative full width menu for your website, you should check out the one that I’ve created for you below. It has been made with bootstrap, and it uses Glyphicons with nice hover states for usability.Below is a screenshot of my free Bootstrap Block menu.

Bootstrap Block Menu: Full Width

This menu spans the full width of the website, from edge to edge. If you want it to perform otherwise, wrap it in a container div and a row div. Each week I will be creating free components to use in your websites, so stay tuned for new stuff. You’ll want to subscribe to the newsletter, so you can stay updated on the latest free stuff from Web Design Fanatic. To download, click the button below. Also, please share this post via social media to help spread the word about my site.



  1. mr.brouwn

    Coool menu.thx

  2. jgeorge

    Thank you! I thought it was a neat take on a responsive menu.


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