What is Angular.js and why it is so Popular?


What is Angular.js and why it is so Popular?

Angular.js is a Google community powered open source web application platform that helps create single page applications and web apps that don’t require anything more than HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It was created to support web programs with MVC capability, which enables easier development and testing.

Advantages of using AngularJS

There are many reasons why more and more developers are taking advantage of Angular.js.

1. More Elaborate UI

The UI of the applications developed using Angular are defined by HTML. Compared to JavaScript, HTML is a more elaborate language. It is less complicated and more intuitive. Besides, there is lesser chance of things breaking when it comes to reorganizing (rewriting) the interface. Writing in HTML also means being able to get support from several UI developers.

2. POJO Data Models

The AngularJS data models are plain JavaScript Objects or POJO. It is easy to append or change properties and loop over arrays and objects without any complications. All this means that your code will be far cleaner and easy to work around with.

3. Less Coding

Using Angular means writing lesser code. Data-binding ensures that there is no need to put data manually into the view. There are many directors which are different from app code and it is possible to write them separately in parallel without any issues of integration. It is possible to manipulate date using filters without the need for changing the controllers. Even though this involves summary bullet points, there is no need to write as much code.

4. Developed and Maintained by Google

Angular.js is developed and maintained by Google. This means that you will have skilled and certified Google engineers to help answer your queries and a vast open community where you could learn more and more.

5. Comprehensive

The web application framework is comprehensive. It comes as a complete package for rapid front-end development, something similar to JavaScriptMVC. So you will not have to rely on any other framework or plug-in for building a data based web app.

There are many other benefits of AngularJS that make it such a big hit with developers. You can get started in just a few minutes. It will require nothing more than adding a few attributes to your HTML and your app will be up and running. It supports context based communication and comes unit-testing ready. If you are looking for a well-maintained and solid framework for handling any-sized project, Angular.js is a good choice.


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