Why You Should Care About Microcontent

Whether you run a website for your business, or you blog as a hobby, content is important to you. The content that you provide to your readers, and your audience is what keeps people coming back. What a lot of people don’t understand is where microcontent fits into the picture. To understand microcontent, you need to know what it is and how it can benefit your website and your online presence. Let’s take a look at microcontent and why it should be important to you.

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What is microcontent?

Microcontent can be many different things, but essentially it is a small promotional piece of content that helps promote a blog post, a website, or something else on the web. Microcontent can be something as simple as a headline that you tweet out on twitter, or a small video that you make on Vine to entice people to come to your website and read a particular blog post. Essentially, microcontent is that small piece of text or media that entices people to find out more. Microcontent can be an image that gets people’s attention and entices them to come read your blog post. It could be a thought-provoking quote that has something to do with your blog post.

Why you should care about microcontent

Microcontent isn’t anything new. It’s been around for quite a while, and has been a useful and effective method for driving traffic to people’s websites. Instead of just tweeting the title of your blog post, you could tweet an important piece of information that someone may not know. This will spark their interest to read the rest of your post, which may be much more effective than simply promoting the title.

Images are one of the most effective methods in terms of microcontent. Think about how many times you’ve clicked on a post in Facebook because the image grabbed your attention. The same can be said about a post on Twitter. Studies have shown that posts that are promoted on Twitter using an image tend to be clicked on 50% more than posts without an image. This is the main reason you should care about microcontent. Simply put, it drives traffic and interested people to your website. Microcontent as a whole, is much more engaging than simply promoting the title of the post that you’re trying to promote.

A great example of microcontent

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SumoMe has a WordPress plugin called highlighter, which enables the user to click and drag to select a chunk of text, and a social media box pops up where they can immediately promote it on Twitter or Facebook. When someone else visits your site, they’ll see that text highlighted, which may encourage them to tweet it to their followers, too. People are much likelier to promote a tidbit of wisdom to their followers, instead of the title of a post.


One method I personally use it to highlight a key point from my own blog post and share it myself. This is much more effective with my own audience, and tends to get more shares and retweets. Also, others see it highlighted in the post from day one, and are more likely to share it directly.


Content marketers and business owners are coming up with newer and more effective ways of using microcontent to snatch reader’s attention. It’s important to know what microcontent is and how to leverage it to drive traffic and interest in your site. Your business will benefit from it, and it isn’t difficult to do.