Catch Up on Web Design News & Resources

Each week, it can be tough to keep up with what’s new around the web. Web design is a constantly evolving industry. One week, something can be completely new and innovative, and before the month is over, everyone is implementing it into their websites. Putting together a post like this will help you to keep up with what’s new. Let’s take a look at this week’s web design news & resources.

Css Contact Form

css-form - Web Design News

A beautiful, well-crafted contact form that you can drop into your website. It has most elements you’re likely to use, so you can toss it in, customize it, and be up and running quickly.


Slideout Menu Animations


Okay, this is just plain cool. You know that the hamburger icon is here to stay, at least for a while. While this may make some web designers cringe, these animations may soften the blow just a little. There’s 3 different animations, which are are clean and smooth.

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Animated Text Fills

animated-text-fills - Web Design News

Codrops have done it again, with some awesome experimental text fills for the web. Imagine animating your text with some gorgeous effects. This will really get your visitors attention. Keep in mind that this is experimental, and may not work in all browsers.


Responsive CSS Frameworks You’ll Love


Everyone has their own framework. it turns out that you’re not stuck with just Foundation 5 & Boostrap. This is a list of some of the best CSS frameworks out there.


SVG Loaders

svg-loaders - Web Design News

An awesome collection of SVG loaders for your sites & apps. In my opinion, your site or app should be so fast that you don’t need a loading animation, but these are still really cool.


Flexbox in 5 Minutes


If you don’t know about flexbox, you should! Wow, is it powerful, and this interactive tour shows you step by step what each setting and property does. Talk about making your life easier!

View Flexbox in 5

Responsive Logos


Wow, what a concept! We are now at the point where stuff like this can be done on the web. I am excited, because this opens the door for flexibility. No longer will we have to try to cram a super-long logo in a place where there’s not enough room.

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CSS Puns


I am sharing these, not just because we have the same last name, but because they are actually funny. We all need to laugh a little now and then.


Drag and Drop Interaction Ideas


What a great idea! Imagine bein and drop items on the front end, enabling you to sort items and rearrange them.

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Responsive Icons

Imagine having icons with more detail at different screen sizes and resolutions. This is how to get started making your own.

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Flowtype.js is a great script for scaling your text size, based on the element width.

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Nevermore UI Blocks


A free set of building blocks for rapid prototyping. You’ll love these!


Animated Download Button & Progress Bar


Downloading never looked so good. Click the button and while the download is in progress, watch the animation.

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Animated Modal Popup Using CSS & SVG


This is a slick experiment using SVG and CSS. This looks great, and I’d like to see it used in more websites.

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This is a great collection of stuff from around the web. Which one of these are your favorite? I really love the animation being done with CSS and SVG. I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future. If you have a bit of web design news to share, feel free to add it in the comments section below, or email me and I will add it to the next selection.