Make Your WP Site Mobile Compatible

The significance of a mobile optimized website has become inevitable, as search engine giant – Google has revamped its algorithm to leverage mobile-optimized websites with better indexing, while penalizing mobile unfriendly websites with poor ranking. However, this algorithm is applied to the searches made via mobile devices. But, the dominating mobile traffic on the Internet (that has surpassed desktop traffic) can’t be overlooked. Therefore, if you are not running a mobile compatible website, you are probably missing a huge chunk of your business.

WordPress is an incredible web development tool that allows one to efficiently develop and maintain his online presence. Not only it offers a powerful platform to run a website with a flair, but it also offers an overwhelming list of plugins and themes to help you ensure a remarkable look and feel. The WordPress repository is consistently updated with the plugins and themes embracing up-to-the-minute web trends. Thus, it is not surprising to have responsive themes and plugins that can proficiently transform your WP site into a mobile compatible WP site.

There are numerous benefits of creating a mobile-friendly website. It will help you drive more traffic, social shares, and followers, thereby, augmenting your sales and conversion rate while delivering a fabulous user experience. I guess, these reasons are enough to compel anyone to make his WP site run smoothly on mobile devices.

Since, there is no dearth of options out there, it often becomes hard to choose the best plugin to make a website mobile friendly. This article will offer you a list of blissful WordPress plugins to ensure a mobile-optimized website that delivers an outstanding performance without leaving the quality behind.

Let’s decipher the worthwhile plugins that offer mobile-friendly websites.

  1. WP Mobile Edition

Wp Mobile Edition - Mobile Compatible

Compatible with popular mobile platforms namely Android, Windows Phone, and iOS, this intuitive WP plugin is optimized to deliver amazing performance on smartphones. You can easily control the functions of the plugin via its easy to use setting page. The plugin is equipped with a Mobile Switcher and mobile theme.

The integrated Mobile Switcher automatically detects the targeted device and accordingly loads a regular theme for desktop viewers and mobile theme for mobile visitors. It also allows manual switching between themes and memorizes the users’ preferences and renders the site accordingly on their next visit.

The mobile theme offered by the plugin is lightweight and optimized to seamlessly deliver expedite performance on various mobile devices.

  1. Jetpack by

Mobile Compatible with Jetpack plugin

While making your website responsive, the plugin offers a slew of useful features that beautifully add to its credibility. For a mobile-ready website, it offers customizable mobile-friendly themes that can be personalized in a desired fashion. And if you possess programming skills, you can tailor the theme to a great extent in the best possible manner. Furthermore, the plugins also features a list of helpful tools that can miraculously improve your site’s performance while ensuring a secure platform.

  1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WP Touch - Mobile Compatible plugin

WPtouch Mobile Plugin is a popular WordPress plugin that is admired and used by millions of users. It is extolled for its fantastic features. You can instantly transform your site into a mobile ready site with this tool. It automatically renders the web content on an elegant and impressive mobile theme to offer a flawless look and feel to mobile viewers. Moreover, with an intuitive administration panel, the plugin allows one to proficiently tweak the visual appearance and overall performance of the website in a requisite way. And any change made on its mobile theme will not impact your regular theme.

  1. WP Mobile Detector


It won’t be hard to determine from where the request for your website stimulates when you are using WP Mobile Detector plugin. It is an awesome plugin that delivers amazing performance upon which you can completely rely. After analyzing the targeted mobile devices, it loads a compatible theme. The plugin is jam-packed with intuitive, enticing and captivating 11 mobile themes, and compatible with numerous mobile devices.

  1. Duda Mobile Website Builder


Duda Mobile Website Builder is yet another proficient plugin that is lauded for its blissful performance. If you are endeavoring to develop a mobile optimized version of your WP site, this plugin makes a brilliant choice. It comes complete with a whopping number of mobile templates, thus, it gives you a great list of options to choose from. It is compatible with all the themes available in the WP repository. Furthermore, you can also integrate advanced features by investing in a minimal amount.

  1. Mobile Smart


Mobile Smart is a brilliant plugin that offers both manual as well as automated functions. The plugin is capable of determining whether the visitor is using a desktop or a mobile device, and thus, accordingly renders the web content on a regular theme or a mobile-ready theme respectively. It also facilitates conditional CSS with CSS selectors. In fact, it also empowers viewers to manually switch between the mobile and desktop version via a Manual Switcher. You can integrate this Manual Switcher in one of the three possible manners, including

  • Provide an option in the footer
  • As a widget
  • As a template tag

Although, it offers a great performance, one has to create a mobile version for his site as it doesn’t support website customization.

Wrapping Up

By creating a mobile compatible website, you can efficiently reach a wider mobile audience base. Moreover, as Google also supports mobile friendly websites, optimizing your website for mobile visitors can also enhance your SEO. The aforementioned are a few of the best WordPress plugins that will transform your site into a mobile-compatible site. Each plugin has its own pros and cons, thus, it is advisable to consider your business requirements and target audience to streamline your choice with the most suitable plugin.

Author Signature: Victoria Brinsley is a app developer for Appsted – Custom mobile app development company. In case, you are willing to dig-out more information about the related services, get in touch with her.