Social Media Hex Values Made Easy

Today I was adding a thank you page to my web design business website, and I needed to know the hex values for the background color of each div. I started looking for social media hex values and I realized that it’s a time consuming process. You have to look up all of the social media hex values one by one for each site. To make this easy, I decided to look p all of the common social media hex values and provide them to you in an easy list. I also marked down the RGB values, too. You’ll have them all in one place.

Social Media Hex Values

Why Would You Need Either One?

Hex Values

The hex values for social media colors will definitely come in handy. If you need something from your website to match Facebook, Twitter, etc, you’ll need the hex value for that. Also, if you’re working with SVG, you’ll need the hex values for the colors that are displayed .


The RGB values for social media accounts are essential, too. Imagine working on a website that ends up using these colors. Also, if you have any degree of transparency on an element, you’ll need the RGB values for alpha transparency.

Social Media Hex Values

twitter:     #00aced
facebook:    #3b5998
linkedin:    #007bb6
googleplus:  #dd4b39
pinterest:   #cb2027
stumbleupon: #EB4823
youtube:     #bb0000
instagram:   #517fa4
tumblr:      #32506d
dribbble:    #ea4c89
yahoo:       #7B0099
wordpress:   #21759b
vimeo:       #aad450
foursquare:  #0072b1
vk:        #45668e
flickr:      #ff0084
quora:       #a82400

Social Media RGB Values

twitter:     rgb(0, 172, 237)
facebook:     rgb(59, 89, 152)
linkedin:     rgb(0, 123, 182)
googleplus:     rgb(221, 75, 57)
pinterest:     rgb(203, 32, 39)
stumbleupon:     rgb(235, 72, 35)
youtube:     rgb(187, 0, 0)
instagram:     rgb(81, 127, 164)
tumblr:     rgb(50, 80, 109)
dribbble:     rgb(234, 76, 137)
yahoo:     rgb(123, 0, 153)
wordpress:     rgb(33, 117, 155)
vimeo:     rgb(170, 212, 80)
foursquare:     rgb(0, 114, 177)
vk:     rgb(69, 102, 142)
flickr:     rgb(255, 0, 132)
quora:     rgb(168, 36, 0)


These social media hex values will come in handy in almost everything web design project you work on. Any site using social media will want to change their elements to match social media site branding. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. If you want to print out a hard copy, click the banner below to receive a free PDF version in your inbox, which you can print.