Serving as one of the most prominent and highly recommended web application platforms, SharePoint has been winning hearts since 2001. While the very first version of Microsoft SharePoint came with features such as content management, document management and intranet, the newer versions have been equipped with enticing features that serve multiple purposes like enterprise search, business intelligence, collaboration, workflow automation and many more. Whether you’re a proficient web app developer or an organization planning to build a great web app, choosing SharePoint can turn as your right decision. Hats off to Microsoft which hasn’t left any stone unturned in making SharePoint more user-friendly. Today, through this post, I’ll be offering you eight excellent tips on how you can make the most of this cool and trendy collaboration tool called SharePoint.

  1. Planning is utmost essential during deployment of SharePoint


Before going ahead with installation of SharePoint, it is essential for you to be familiar with all the obstacles that you may come across during the process. Since SharePoint works with varied products like Windows, SQL Databases and Active Directory, it is vital to ensure that your resources tangent to SharePoint operate in an appropriate manner.

  1. Align SharePoint with IG(Information Governance) policies


It is an Information Governance(IG) policy which allows you to detect any gaps in your SharePoint capability, especially when it comes to managing multiple records. Don’t hesitate in getting trained on developing a remarkable Information Governance(IG) framework that is well in synchronization with the best practices followed in the industry.

  1. Remove dead sites and redundantly stored information

One of the major benefits associated with elimination of dead websites and redundant content is that it becomes quite convenient for the end users to find the relevant content quickly. Although saving disk space should be on the priority list of organizations, it is also essential to ensure that the content displayed on the website is completely up-to-date.

  1. There might be a need for using some third-party tools


While SharePoint is loaded with brilliant in-built tools, there might be a situation wherein you may feel the need for using third-party SharePoint web analytics tools. Intlock is one of the most impressive SharePoint web analytics tool which comes with a wide range of features including audit reports, custom dashboard, data aggregation and a lot more.

  1. Go ahead with using SharePoint in Cloud

There’s no doubt on the fact that using SharePoint in cloud can play a vital role in reducing the IT costs associated with major business organizations. By embracing cloud for SharePoint, you’ll be able to maintain the security of your business information, in addition to keeping your targets intact.

  1. Prepare a centralized team


Well, the basic aim behind creation of a centralized team is to monitor as to who all are using your website or changing any file permissions or so. The team members must look at the bigger picture by analyzing the SharePoint environment holistically. This would allow them to determine the business solutions that are required for maintaining the smooth functioning of the business organization. Ditching the technology-oriented approach for people-oriented approach will allow these organizations to witness a better ROI(Return On Investment).

  1. Chalk out innovative reasons apart from the initial ones that prompted you to deploy SharePoint


Well, after you’ve made the ‘Big’ decision of migrating your business processes from paper onto SharePoint, do make it a point to think beyond the original things that you intend to achieve via this truly brilliant collaboration tool. Moreover, you may also opt for linking SharePoint with different enterprise systems. This would involve both, transactional as well as unstructured content. If you’re a business owner who’s using SharePoint just for project team collaboration, then this activity would serve as one of the biggest plus points.

  1. Review SharePoint from a business perspective


A majority of business owners go ahead with reviewing SharePoint from an IT perspective instead of a business perspective. Since SharePoint is a business tool, it must be accessed on business-related parameters. You must check out whether your SharePoint deployment is stalled or not. Plus, you also need to consider all the issues that might be cropping up with the usage of SharePoint. Finding best suited solutions to all these issues is a must.


While a serious adherence to all the aforementioned tips will help you in taking complete advantage of SharePoint, it is important for you to understand that this tool can’t be used for everything. Here’s wishing you a smooth and pleasant SharePoint journey in the forthcoming years.