Social & SEO Icons

In a time where design is flat and everything is streamlined and clean, it’s good to try something different. It can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and help you get noticed. People love organic and hand crafted artwork, so it’s no surprise that they’d love hand-crafted icons, too. That’s where today’s free icon set comes in. Exclusively from Freepik, we have 160 free Social & SEO icons. They are all hand-drawn, giving your designs a hand-made look. They are all beautifully done, and you can preview all 160 social & SEO icons below.


Don’t think that just because they are hand drawn that they are low quality. Each icon is carefully crafted to look great. Each of these SEO icons are easily recognizable. They are neatly drawn in a hand-sketched style. This is especially apparent in the icons that are filled in. They are filled with a distinct scribble style that only accentuates the effect. They are all kinds of useful icons in this set, from locks, to keys and interface icons. You’ll find plenty of useful icons for your next design project.

Download Social & SEO Icons

These icons are free to download and use in your projects. They are available in Adobe Illustrator and SVG format. This will make it easy to edit them if you need to, or you can drop them in your websites immediately. These seo icons are provided exclusively by Freepik and you can use them or modify them however you wish. However, you may not redistribute these seo icons anywhere else. If you want to share them, please link to this post. You also may not sell them or repackage them anywhere. To download these free social & seo icons, click the download button and they are yours!