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Free Landing Page Templates (10 Total)

by | Aug 8, 2014

Landing Page Templates

Whether you’re into online marketing, or you just want to sell more products, a great landing page is essential. It is essential for driving sales in your business, because it is optimized to get people to click and take action. Many designers have put together free landing page templates we can download and use in our projects. They are useful for building your own layouts and creating a basic idea of what your site will look like. Many web designers like to build a psd mockup of what their website or landing page will look like before they build it with html and css.  I have put together a collection of free landing page templates you can download right now.

Office Landing Page Psd

Office Landing Page templates

App Landing Page

App Landing Page Template


Landy: Landing page templates


Selly landing page template


Claymore landing page template



Marketing Landing Page PSD

marketing landing page templates



Smart App Landing Page

smart app landing page templates

Multipurpose Landing Page Template

multi purpose

Free Landing Page Templates: Conclusion

Which one is your favorite? There are a wide range of looks and styles here. It should be easy to find a style of landing page that fits what you’re looking for. Some landing page templates are simple, while others are more elaborate. Some are more detailed, with a lot more useful layouts. Depending on what you are promoting, you can use a long formatted landing page. Other purposes may call for a short and sweet landing page.

There’s a great collection here to help you get started with building your own beautiful landing page. Most of these templates can be found on Dribbble, so be sure to share and promote their work, especially if you end up downloading and using their awesome template. Most of these templates are in Psd format, so you can edit them in Photoshop and customize them to meet your needs. If you know of another great free landing page template not shown here, feel free to share yours in the comments section below.



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