Alright, you have successfully set up your website, online store, blog, and you have created social network pages for your business, so what now?

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Even though you have done everything by the book, people won’t simply come rolling in, because everything you did was already done by your competitors as well. The next thing you need to do is make sure you get noticed, leave a good first impression and battle to stay relevant and retain a constant inflow of new customers.

If you are to do this, you need creative graphic design, for almost all aspects of your business. So, you need a carefully crafted website layout, or homepage, you need to give your social media pages a bit of a makeover, and you should see to it that your product package is alluring and inspires people to make a purchase.

Moreover, you need a constant inflow of creative content that helps you interact with your user base, and to keep them entertained. Here we will examine just how creative design helps you achieve all of these goals and how it helps your business move forward.

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Creative design makes it easier to get noticed

Creative design is all about placing the elements in the right place and using the right colorsin order to get noticed. It can be a real challenge to get noticed on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, considering the level of content inflow on the feeds there. However, by using the right technique, you can design posts that will make a potential user stop scrolling and give you a portion of their time.

In order to make something that grabs people’s attention, you need to remember a few design rules. The first one is to know the motion patterns of the human eye. When we read or scan through a text, our eyes move in an “E,” “F” and “Z” pattern.

In other words, the most important and central element of your post should be located in the upper left corner of the image. The second lesson is that you should use color contrast to make your posts more noticeable and easy to discern.

Creative design is great for establishing your brand identity

If you are to officially become a brand, you need your own name, logo and unique typography. When you are designing these elements, you should rely on simplicity and repetition.

Your typography and logo should be easy to remember and read, and by including these two elements in each of your posts, you will establish and eventually solidify your brand identity online. As far as your business name is concerned, it is not related to design techniques; it is a topic of its own and is related to SEO.

Your logo design should be something that either depicts your company name, like a framed first letter, or something that embodies the company’s ideals or motto.Or else, it can be completely random. Truth must be told; there is no clear cut science behind which logo is more effective, just don’t’ go for something that is rich in detail or that is a blatant copy of another company’s logo.

A more engaging website and content lead to a better customer experience

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Creative designs help you look more professional, and it helps you create content that is engaging for your audience. For starters, whenever someone visits your website or social network page, you need to have a header or cover photo that makes a positive impact.

This image is the very first thing users will see as the page loads, so it shouldn’t be some random image. This header or cover image should be designed just like a billboard would be designed. It should contain your brand name and logo, apicture of your core product or current main product (something new, or something on promotion).

When you are creating posts of your website and social network, the featured image should also be simple, and something that goes straight to the point. Users love content that is easy to consume, so to speak, this is why gifs and memes are so popular; they are both short and straight to the point.

Creative design leads to higher conversion rates

By using a creative design, you can increase your sales rate as well. Your posts can contain a simple motivational message that is also a call to action. For example, there was acompany that sold flowers, and they used a simple message on their cover photo – “Be the reason your mom feels happy today.”

Also if you are running a page for a gym, you can use a motivational message from Nike – “Yesterday, you said tomorrow.” These are simple and inspirational messages, and yet they also incentivize a purchase of your product or service.

Another way how creative design can drive conversion is through package design. In fact, it was proven that the shapes and colors you use in your package design play a role in the buyer’s decision. So, there are also patterns you should follow here if you want to boost your sales.

Creative and unique design helps you stay relevant

Finally, by being innovative and by coming up with occasional alterations for your logo and page design, you can stay relevant. You should never completely alter your logo, particularly during the first few years. Its core should remain the same. However, it is a wise decision to smooth out the edges, make it transparent, or implement other minor changes to freshen it up after a few years are all a wise decision.

People see that something is happening and that there are motion and activity, and that kind of energy has a positive impact on your target audience. It sends a message that you are serious and determined to advance, and people respect that.


These were some of the ways in which creative design can help your business advance. Design influences numerous aspects of business and economics, and they all lead to a wider and loyal user base, and stronger brand identity, which ultimately leads to a higher income and the possibility for expansion. So, do not overlook the influence of design and make sure you hire a quality graphic design company to help you generate creative and engaging content.