adobe illustrator for web design

Use Adobe Illustrator For Web Design

You hear all the time how web designers use Photoshop to create website mockups and assets for the web. These assets include, icons, UI Kits, and Style guides. What I’ve never understood is why more designers don’t use Illustrator for their mockups and assets. There are some distinct advantages to using Adobe Illustrator for web design.

It’s easier to draw vector shapes

For those who are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, it is super-easy to create and combine vector shapes with precision. You can work on a grid, which means that your design assets will be pixel-perfect. Also, you can have shapes broken down into sub-layers, which makes it easy to manage and manipulate the shapes you make.

Multiple Artboards

Having multiple artboards means that you can create multiple documents in one place. This will enable you to design multiple assets and web elements in one place. You also have the added bonus of being able to export multiple artboards at once. You can export them as PNGs or jpegs.

More Control & Flexibility

The fact that you are creating your design assets and website mockups using vector graphics gives you an advantage over raster alternatives like Photoshop. When you save your design for the web, you can increase the size and save as a larger file, because the design is vector based. This allows you to design graphics for retina displays and standard displays with the same file. This is much more efficient than designing two versions, or having to design to exact dimensions.

Illustrator Exports to Useful File Formats

You have the ability to export your artboards as PNG and jpeg formats. As mentioned above, you can also save for web, and even control the pixel resolution of the result, producing crisp, pixel-perfect results.

SVG Support

You can choose the option to Save As, where you can select SVG format. This enables you to create scalable vector graphics for the web. Scalable vector graphics are the same as having an Adobe Illustrator vector file on the web. This ensures clarity and crisp graphics, no matter what the screen size of your device may be.

Responsive SVGs

Recently, Adobe added the ability to save your Illustrator files as responsive SVGs. This means that graphic assets, such as icons, logos, etc., will scale with your website. Your graphics will work responsively, just as your website does. SVGs are great in general, because they produce small file sizes and crisp graphics.


If you are a web designer, and you want to rapidly produce top-quality graphics, you should definitely consider using Illustrator in your workflow. It has many advantages over using raster graphics. If used properly, you can save a lot of time and work more efficiently by using Adobe Illustrator for Web Design.