What is ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is a Java Virtual Machine language, which was developed in 1995 for faster and easier development of CGI scripts. It allows you to implement custom markup language tags in many ways – the ones which are not included within ColdFusion. Currently, CF has developed to include several interfaces with other environments and languages.


CF gives you a faster and effective way for developing web-based applications. The applications developed in the language require lesser code compared to a Java app. It is still possible to call all your existing Java objects from within your CF app. If you are a new developer without any experience with Java, you could use CF without any trouble. On the other hand, experienced Java developers can use it for developing applications in shorter period of time.

Similar to other web scripting languages, ColdFusion enhances basic HTML files with features like conditional operators, database commands, rich formatting functions and much more for producing web applications. Then there are many other constructs in CF such as ColdFusion Components. Components are nothing else but ColdFusion’s equivalent of objects. they enable the separation of presentation and business logic.

Writing ColdFusion

ColdFusion could be writing CFScript or tags. CFScript is an ECMA script style language. A typical page in a CF application can have server side ColdFusion tags and functions besides HTML tags. New ColdFusion apps also have “Components” which could be accessed by CF pages for the execution of business logic. The CF app server will automatically pre-process a request by a web browser for a page in a CF application. The language can also be used for generating other languages like JavaScript, XML and CSS. ColdFusion may be called ColdFusion Markup Language, but it is actually not a markup language.

Its engine has been configured in a way for specific file extensions to be handed over to the engine for processing. Comparatively, the function is performed through Java servlets in Java-based engines. but here, the ColdFusion engine will process only the CF tags and functions. The text beyond the tags and functions will be returned to the web server without any changes.

As CF is a Java EE application, its code could be blended with Java classes for creating a wide range of applications and using already existing Java libraries. It can access all the underlying Java classes, JSP functions and supports JSP libraries too.