Cloning a WordPress Site Has never Been So Easy

A lot of web designers will build a WordPress site on their own servers and then move it to their client’s server when it’s done. That’s a common practice by a lot of WordPress experts. the problem is that this can be a pain. Moving database files and site files can be a real pain. it’s a painstaking process, and if you screw it up, you just wasted a huge chunk of time. Want to avoid all of that? Use ManageWP’s Clone Tool.

ManageWP’s Clone Tool is an amazingly quick way to create a copy of a WordPress site. I have never seen anything else so quick and easy. Here’s how it works:

cloning a WordPress site with ManageWP

1. Log In Or Create a ManageWP Account

Create your account (you can sign up for a free trial to try it out). You’ll have a dashboard area where you can perform everything from one interface. ManageWP does more than just clone websites, which you can read about here.

Add a website in ManageWP

2. Install the Free Worker Plugin to Each Site

The way the cloning process works is that you can have a WordPress install on one server. You’ll also need a WordPress install on the destination server. Install the free Worker plugin via the plugins section of WordPress.

Cloning a WordPress site -  a view of the interface

3. Click on the Clone Option

An interface will come up, asking you where the original site is located. Choose the site that you want to copy. Then, choose the site that you want to copy it to. Then, click on Clone, and it will move it over in seconds. It usually takes less than a minute.

The Results

I doubt you could move it over faster manually. I just don’t see it happening. You can go to the destination site and see how it worked, and you’ll see an exact copy, with images and all, on the new destination site. This cuts your initial build time for a site by an hour or two. You can also create backups from the same section, which is extremely handy. I just saved a website that one of my clients erased by accident by messing around in their hosting, where they had no business. It could have been a disaster, but I was able to restore their site in no time.

Cloning A WordPress Site Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

It’s easy with their tools. I can install two small plugins, clone the site and click a button to have ManageWP deactivate the plugin, all in a matter of a minute. I don’t have to mess with data and files or any of that. I’m here to run a business, and enjoy doing it, so cause frustration for myself. If you want to check out click the banner below: