Bootstrap Pricing Tables

Sometimes when you’re building a site, you don’t need an entire website template. You don’t want to have to sift through different page layouts, trying to find the sections of code you need. That’s why I decided to start releasing free components that I built, using popular frameworks. That’s where today’s freebie comes in. I created simple Bootstrap Pricing tables. Web designers & developers are always looking for a framework or layout for pricing tables in their websites. Open the file, copy the html, and then stick it in your own Bootstrap site.

Bootstrap Pricing Tables template


I chose to do 3 tables, since companies that offer services usually offer 3 different levels of service. I used the primary, success and danger classes to style these tables, which distinguishes each membership level. You’ll also see that in my custom Bootstrap pricing tables use the Glyphicons that are built right into Bootstrap. I am using the latest build of Bootstrap, so if you’re using anything older than 3.2 you will want to upgrade and then drop in my pricing tables. If you want to add a table, just copy one of the columns and then change all of the columns to 3 instead of 4 and you’ll have a 4-column layout.

Download Bootstrap Pricing Tables

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