Free UI Kits

When you’re building a website or a user interface, it is important to have a consistent look. A cohesive design is all about unity, so a good way to ensure this is to use or create a unified UI kit. Designers have been creating these for a few years now, so there are hundreds, if not thousands of free UI kits on the web. I put together a collection of the best free UI kits you can use for your web design and user interface projects. Scroll down and add these free UI kits to your collection.

iOS8 UI Kit Psd

Free UI Kits: iOS8-GUI

A great selection of UI elements, this UI kit is detailed and highly accurate. The app icons look great in this kit.

Full Dashboard UI Psd

Free UI Kits: full-dashboard-UI-psd

Want to create your own dashboard user interface? This UI kit will help you create a streamlined, beautiful dashboard area.

Login Ui Kit for iOS

Free UI Kits: login-ui-kit-for-iOS

Create a sleek and sophisticated login screen for any iOS app. Features include a full keyboard and simple, flat buttons.

Re UI Kit

Free UI Kits: re-free-ui-kit

Re is simplified UI kit that you could use to create any mobile user interface.

Widgets UI Kit

Free UI Kits: widgets-Ui-kit

Need to develop a widget area for your app or website? Use this UI kit to streamline the look of your widgets.

Super Minimal UI Kit

Free UI Kits: superminimal

When minimal isn’t enough, try super-minimal! This UI kit is great for calendar or scheduling apps and features all of the elements you’ll need to get the job done.

Colorful UI Kit Psd

Free UI Kits: colorful-ui-kit-psd

A fun, colorful UI kit you’ll use to create fun apps for people of all ages.

Cloudy UI Kit

Free UI Kits: Cloudy Free Photoshop UI Kit

The Cloudy UI kit is a subtle UI kit with soft gradients and subtle shadows. I like it when free UI kits feature the regular and active states for different elements.

Purple UI Kit

Purple Free Photoshop UI Kit

I love the rich, dark mood of the purple UI kit. Subtle highlights and deep shadows give this UI kit a dramatic look.

Dark UI Kit

Dark Free Photoshop UI Kit

I love how the dark background and shadows of this UI kit are balanced with the bright orange of different elements. The bright orange really stands out against the dark background, but you could change it to any color you want.

Black UI Kit

Black Free Photoshop UI Kit

You can create a beautiful user interface with this UI kit. With different states for each element, the soft shadows and subtle highlights add a touch of realism to these elements.

Heavenly Assorted User Interface Kit

Heavenly Free Pjotoshop UI Kit

With a flatter look, Heavenly would be a nice UI kit for any app.

Clean UI Kit

Clean Free Photoshop UI Kit

I like the bright colors and useful elements from this UI Kit. You could use this for a media player, or a user interface with different controls.


Chat Free Photoshop UI Kit

Want to create a chat app? Use this UI kit to create one for OSX. it includes all of the elements you’ll ever need.

Midnight UI Kit

Midnight Free Photoshop UI Kit

Midnight is a great starter UI Kit you could use as a base for creating your own. You can choose your base colors, and then apply them to different elements throughout your project.

Transparent UI Kit

Transparent Free Photoshop Ui Kit

Transparent is a UI Kit that would look great over a colorful image. The whole concept behind this one is that it is semi-transparent, so the background will show through.

Simple UI Kit

Simple Free Photoshop UI KitA flat, orange UI kit with simple elements, Simple is made to streamline any user interface.

Fresh UI Kit

Fresh Free Photoshop UI Kit

The Fresh UI Kit uses strong shadows and highlights to add dimension to any user interface. If you combined these elements with a splash of color, you’d have an interface that gets a lot of attention.

Aresio UI Kit

Aresio Free Photoshop UI Kit

Aresio features simple user interface elements that use shadows and borders to emphasize boundaries. Each element has a grooved edge and subtle highlights.

Mega UI Pack

Mega Free Photoshop UI Kit

The mega UI pack features a variety of user interface elements, all which have elements of dimension applied to them. The buttons have a raised appearance, and the background is textured, adding to the contrast between elements.

Minimize UI Kit

Minimize Free Photoshop UI Kit

Minimize has simple UI elements you’d find in most user interfaces. When you want a simple UI kit with no frills, Minimize is a good choice.

Instagram UI Kit

Instagram Free Photoshop UI Kit

Want to create an Instagram inspired user interface? Use this UI Kit to help you get started.

Le UI Kit

Le Free Photoshop Ui Kit

The Le UI kit is a mini UI kit that would be useful for an app related to rating items. I like the bright peach color in contrast to the dark background.


UI Free Photoshop UI Kit

UI is a nice UI kit featuring buttons and sliders for any typical user interface. I like the subtle highlight on the active drop-down menu. I also like the colored numeric notifications on the menu buttons.

Electric UI Kit

Electric Free Photoshop UI Kit

The electric UI kit features a lot of useful elements for interactive interfaces. I like the drag-and-drop features, as well as the sliding elements. The colorful icons in the bottom left are a nice touch as well.

Hanna UI Kit

Hanna Free Photoshop UI Kit

The Hanna UI kit has a lot of soft, subtle elements that you would find in a browser or an app. I like the window orientation icons in the bottom right.

Youtube UI Kit

Youtube Free Photoshop UI Kit

Want to create a YouTube interface? The YouTube UI kit has all the elements that you would ever need to create your own YouTube app.

Grey UI Kit

Grey Free Photoshop Ui Kit

The gray UI kit uses soft inner shadows to create a sense of depth. The light blue is a great contrasting color for this UI Kit.

UI Resource

UI Resource Free Photoshop UI Kit

UI resource has many elements you would expect in any user interface. I like the subtle glow effect on the text when you hover over a button. The bright pink contrasts well with the black and white elements.

Blaubarry Free UI Kit 2

Blaubarry Free Photoshop UI Kit

The Blauberry UI kit has the appearance of subtle indentations for certain elements. I think this really makes the text areas of the form elements standout. I also like the scrollbars and slider controls.

Transparent Glass UI

Transparent Glass Free Photoshop UI Kit

This user interface has the appearance of transparent glass. This would be a great UI kit for anyone who wants the background to show through their user interface.

Chiclet UI Kit

Chiclet Free Photoshop UI Kits

The chiclet UI kit features a lot of community user interface elements. For example, there are profile picture elements, as well as portrait elements. This would be handy for a community website where people connect with each other on a personal level.

Free Web UI Set

Web UI Set Free Photoshop UI Kit

The free web UI set has a lot of useful interface elements. My favorite would have to be the flip number clock.

Ipad GUI for Retina Displays

This user interface template is for iPads with retina displays. This means that each of these elements are high resolution, and are to be used specifically for iPads.

Butterscotch UI Kit

The butterscotch UI kit lives up to its name with different user interface elements highlighted with the signature butterscotch color. I like the subtle grooves around buttons. I also like the subtle shadow indentations for certain elements.

Vector UI Bundle

I personally think that all UI kits should be vector-based. This UI bundle makes sure of that, and features many useful elements you would find in any common app.

Balio UI Kit

The Balio UI Kit features useful elements such as breadcrumbs, and interfaces for apps where you would work with projects or different tabs.

Heads Up Display UI Kit

Heads up is a great UI kit was strong, colorful highlights. I like how elements such as the active tab or the active breadcrumb are highlighted in the bright blue color.


Moonify is a popular UI kit among web designers and developers. The reason is because of the profile pictures as well as the toggle buttons and star rating system.


Futurico is a colorful user interface system that features a lot of elements that are found in other UI kits. I especially like the grass in the bottom right corner.

Tron UI Set by Thiyagu

If you are a fan of the Tron movies, this UI kit will make your day. They pulled off the signature blue glow that you would find in the movies. This is one of my personal favorites.

Loupe Ui Kit

Loupe focuses on interface elements that you would find in any mobile app. These features include drop-down menus and toggle buttons. This UI kit does a good job of differentiating between different active and inactive states.

Massive Web Button UI Set

If you like a web buttons, this UI kit is for you. There are different button elements the chill find useful in any website.

165 Vector UI Kit

Who doesn’t want 165 vector user interface elements? The only thing I would do with this one is remove the dated highlight effect.

Facebook GUI

Want to create your own Facebook user interface? This UI kit will make the job super-easy.

Web UI Treasure Chest

This UI kit is a treasure trove of web elements. You’ll find buttons, payment icons and even sticker elements to make certain items stand out.

Clean UI Element Pack

I like the mix of light blue and white in this UI element pack. I like the toggle buttons and the drop-down menus in this set.

Web Design Wireframe Kit

This wireframe kit is a great for getting an idea of what your text and headings will look like in your website. This should be the starting point for all of your websites. You even start out by deciding on your main hex values of different elements throughout the website.

Black UI Kit

With subtle glows and numeric notification icons, this UI kit has a futuristic look. The only thing I might do is toned down the highlights and shadows a little bit.

Web Kit Interface Layout Pack

Despite the outdated shine, this interface layout pack has a lot of useful buttons and elements. I also like the simple icons that you would find on most websites and apps.

Blog/Magazine UI Kit


Want a sleek and sophisticated blog layout? This UI kit will help you to create a look that is sophisticated and streamlined.

Combination UI Pack


This UI kit is jam-packed full of goodies. You’ll find everything you need to create a great user interface with plenty of color.

Free UI Kit


This UI kit is a colorful UI kit with all of the elements you’d hope for in a solid UI kit.

Light UI/UX Kit


I like the graph elements in this UI kit. The are also circular elements, and the filling circle loading screen is a nice touch.

White Stripes


This UI kit takes the popular ghost button, and uses that concept to create an awesome UI kit. I like how everything is streamlined, and when a color is used, it jumps out against the sterile white elements.


Which of these free UI kits are your favorite? With such a huge collection, you’ll be able to create any type of user interface you want. There are thousands of elements found throughout these UI kits, which would make the start of any great website design. Do you know of an awesome UI kit that should be featured here? let me know in the comments section below.