Free Background Patterns for your website

Background patterns can make a major difference in website design. The introduction of responsive design has provided more flexibility to designers, enabling them to use patterns that could be displayed on almost any screen size and device. If you are seeking to build your site, here is a list of 5 websites where you can find a world of patterns. Here you could find unique patterns that give your website a unique appeal of its own.

colourlovers: Free background patterns

1. Colour Lovers


This is a creative global community where designers create and share patterns, colors and palettes. There are more than 4.4 million user developed patterns available on this site. Besides, you can get access to valuable information about the latest trends from the world of web design.

DIN Pattern: Free background patterns

2. DIN Pattern


DIN Pattern is another popular hub for designers, web developers, social media users and artists who love to customize their webpages. The site provides free background patterns that can be used anywhere including web design, social network backgrounds, and even for artwork.

Brusheezy: Free background patterns

3. Brusheezy


Brusheezy is another popular community where you can find Photoshop Patterns, Brushes, Textures, Shapes, Actions and other design resources. A Photoshop centric community, this is a highly popular hub for artists. Users can download and use free background patterns after creating an account on the site. There are hundreds of appealing and practical patterns available for free.


4. Designmoo


This is another free community where designers and artists share their free background patterns, textures, vectors, fonts and PSDs among other design resources. You can discover thousands of patterns to suit to your web design needs.

Besides being a design resource, this is also an active community of information for web designers and developers. The Designmoo team offers their Startup Design Framework to the best creators in the community.

Tartan: Free background patterns

5. TartanMaker


Tartan patterns are quite popular in the web design domain. TartanMaker is the ideal place to find or generate seamless tartan patterns. The tartan pattern is characterized by its criss-cross horizontal / vertical bands in different colors. The original design idea from woven wool has now been transformed successfully onto the computer screen.

These are some of the most popular and riches sources of background patterns. Because most of them are based on community contributions, you can find unique free background patterns and textures that could make your site stand out from the crowd.