Always innovating, the team and partners of WordPress once again presents us with a tool and technology to make our life easier and optimize our work. The idea of ​​Multisites is simply incredible and makes the task of maintaining sub-sites much more efficient. Whether it’s a portal, magazine or blog with multiple sub-blogs, using this technology for site networks, maintaining content and organized structure is a lot easier.

If you already work, or are beginning to enjoy this facility of having a network of sites in WP, the list of plugins that this post presents will be very valuable for your day to day. Get ready, here are 10 excellent WordPress Multisite plugins especially for you!


The idea of ​​this plugin is to post content more quickly and practically in your blog network. Through automated postings to WordPress from RSS feeds, the Autoblog plugin is very easy and takes little time to set up. The plugin allows you to publish content to an unlimited number of sites on a multisite network.

user role editor

User Role Editor

An old familiar to WordPress administrators and managers, the User Role Editor is also great when it comes to managing roles and permissions for multisite WordPress users. Even with a network of websites and blogs you can create rules, organize users by groups, and define access levels for each of them.

multisite content copier

Multisite Content Copier

Multisite Content Copier allows you to copy content between the sites of your multi-site WordPress network. You can copy posts, pages, users and plugins with extreme ease.

Network Shared Media

How about allowing all users, publishers and administrators of the multisite network to have access to any media files that are added? That’s exactly what the Network Shared Media plugin does.

user switching plugin

User Switching

Most likely you’ve had the need to switch users quickly to be able to configure and test your WordPress. However, the process of logging in and logging in with different users and passwords is nothing practical. With User Switching you can switch between accounts very quickly and without having to do any re-login process.

Multisite Privacy

Do you need to submit Terms of Use and Privacy in your site network? The Multisite Privacy plugin allows you to create and present rules for 4 or more levels of users.

global site search wordpress plugin

Global Site Search

Allow visitors, regardless of which site on your network to access, to conduct searches that span your entire network. It indexes all the blogs and sites that make up your network and automatically adds a “Search Page” where your audience can conduct full searches across all WordPress multi-site blogs.

multisite plugin manager

Multisite Plugin Manager

With this plugin, you have a complete management for WordPress Multisite. It uses a page of options in the Dashboard of your site to adjust the permissions of plugins in all the sites that your network has. You can choose which plugins have auto-activation, you can enable and disable plugins for your entire network, assign special access permissions to specific sites on your network.

Organizational Message Notifier

Depending on how you use the network of WordPress sites, this plugin will help a lot in the communication between you and the other administrators of the child sites. By allowing the primary network administrator to send messages to the blogs and child sites, sub-administrators can view the messages and mark them as read. As such, the primary network administrator has full control over such notifications, and can see which messages have been read or not read.

WP Security audit plugin

WP Security Audit Log

Keeping control over users and actions within the Administrative Panel is a security issue. WP Security Audit Log is a plugin that works for both simple WordPress sites and for many site networks. See who logged in, created or edited pages and posts, and even uploaded media.

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