10 Best Free Website Builders for Non Coders

Free Website Builders

It used to be true that if you couldn’t code, you could forget having a great website. It wouldn’t look professional, and you would have to shell out thousands of dollars to a professional to get the job done. Now, there are plenty of online website builders where you can design your own website without knowing a single line of code. Let’s take a look at the 10 best website builders you’ll find on the web.

Webydo: Website builders


If you like the idea of being able to draw your own website, Webydo is a good choice. You can click and drag to resize elements and the interface if really easy to use. They have a free plan, or you can host your site for $9 per month. You get 3GB of storage on that plan, which is plenty for any website. From there, it goes up, depending on what you need.

Squarespace: Free website builders


You can Try Squarespace for free, but the paid plan is only $8 per month. You get 20 pages, galleries, blogs, unlimited bandwidth and 2 contributors. You can sell 1 product and accept donations. This is great for building a charity website. For $16 per month you can sell up to 20 products, which is great for a small business.



Wix boasts about the ability to have a free website. They offer premium services, but you can still build a site without coding free of charge. Premium plans allow you to use your own domain and you get rid of Wix ads. Their pricing is tiered, based on features and usage.

Moonfruit: Website Builders


Moonfruit starts out as free, but if you need more features, their pricing is very competitive. A standard paid account will get you 5 websites, 1000MB of storage, and a shop with up to 50 products. You pick a template, customize it and get up and running in no time.



Geared towards designers that want to sell web services without coding, IM Creator offers the ability to build your own website, but the premium services allow you to white label your creations for clients. You can build an html-based website and brand it as your work. Also with premium, you can connect your own domain.

Weebly: Best website builders


Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder that you can apply to their themes to customize a site for your business. It also integrates blogging and eCommerce, so you can sell your products, too.



Sitey is a website builder that will let you create your own site based on customizable templates. The free version will place ads here and there, but the tiered pricing removes those. They also allow you to set up an online store and use your own domain.



Jimdo allows you to customize responsive website templates and use them for your website. A standout feature is the ability to make quick edits while you’re out and about. This is excellent for bloggers who want to make a quick update. The paid version removes ads, gives you SEO options and offers the ability to sell products on your website.



Yola is a website builder where you can customize templates. For free, you can build 3 pages, but for a small monthly fee starting at $4.17 per month, you can build unlimited pages, use a custom domain, and you get premium support. A standout feature is the ability to book appointments on your site.



DoodleKit lets you pick a template, customize it and design it as your own. The free version is good, but it is limited. The paid version allows you to build your own forms, your own shopping cart, your own forums, and you get 10GB or storage.


Which website builder do you like the most? Do you use one of these? How has your experience been with using them for your business? If you are looking for a professional web designer or web design services, contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you.